Kimotorok Ranger Post, located on the park’s southeastern boundary, serves as an essential entry and departure point. This distant area serves as a checkpoint for persons entering or exiting the park, and is mostly utilized by those traveling to or from Arusha through the dirt road east of the park. East of the ranger station are conventional village grounds, with most dwellings built in the Maasai boma style – for both human and livestock security. This page will walk you through the location, how to get there, what to do at the ranger station, and when to go to Tarangire National Park.

Location of Kimotorok Ranger Post

Kimotorok Ranger Post is located on the southeastern end of Tarangire National Park, a remote area amidst the Oldule swamp and just a few minutes shy of the actual park boundary – east of it. The ranger post is a small building located near a dirt road leading towards the park.

How to Get There

The most direct route to Kimotorok Ranger Post is by car. There are two routes, one east of the park on a gravel outback road and one west of the park on the asphalt Arusha-Babati highway. The ranger post may be reached through self-drive safari in a private or rented vehicle. Conservation costs, vehicle fees, and maybe camping or hotel fees are also part of the daily park rates for this.

There are airstrips in the vicinity, but you’ll need a car to get around, and they largely service regional aircraft. The main international airports are located around a half-day drive away in Arusha or Kilimanjaro.

What to Do There

Visitors can pay for their park permits or have them checked in or out at Kimotorok Ranger Post before entering or departing the park. If you have pre-arranged for a ranger at this point, this might also be where you be escorted. Visitors can also acquire information about the park at the ranger post.

The ranger station is near some Maasai bomas in the region. Visitors may learn about the Maasai people, their culture, and way of life by visiting the bomas. The Maasai are a semi-nomadic ethnic group from Kenya and Tanzania who are noted for their peculiar rituals, clothes, and music.

Best Time to Visit

Tarangire National Park is open year-round, but the best time to visit depends on what you want to see and do. The dry season from June to October is the best time for game viewing as animals gather around water sources. During this time, visitors can see large herds of elephants, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, and impala. The dry season also provides excellent birdwatching opportunities.

The rainy season from November to May brings lush green vegetation to the park, which makes it a beautiful time for photography. However, the rain can make some areas of the park inaccessible, and visitors may need a good 4×4 to visit during the rainy season of March to June.

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