Poacher’s Hide is a marvellous old baobab tree with a slightly hidden entrance and an internal cavern once used as a hideout by poachers. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Poacher’s Baobab Hide, including how to get there, what to do there, and the best time to visit.

Are you looking for a unique attraction to visit in Tarangire National Park? Look no further than Poacher’s Baobab Hide! This old baobab tree is located in the northern parts of the park and has a small concealed entrance on one side that leads into a chamber inside its bark. It is said to have been a hideout for poachers in the area, though now inhabited by the occasional bees or animal. Southwest of Tarangire Hill, a couple of hundred meters west of the main north–south track through the park,

If you’re looking for a unique and hidden attraction in Tarangire National Park, Poacher’s Baobab Hide is the place to go. This incredible tree has a small entrance that leads into a large chamber inside the bark, which was once used as a hideout by poachers in the area. While the hide is no longer used for illegal activities, it is still home to the occasional bees or wild animals.

What to Do at Poacher’s Baobab Hide

One of the main attractions of Poacher’s Baobab Hide is exploring the cavern inside the bark. However, it’s important to ensure that there are no dangerous animals inside or nearby before entering. You can also have game drives in this or nearby areas to experience the beauty of Tarangire National Park.

Best Time to Visit Poacher’s Baobab Hide

The best time to visit Poacher’s Baobab Hide is during the dry season, which runs from July to October. This is when the park is at its driest, and the animals tend to congregate around water sources, making them easier to spot. Any time of the year is suitable for a visit, but it’s best to avoid the rainy season of March to June, as the animals tend to migrate from the Tarangire River area as other water sources become available.

Location of Poacher’s Baobab Hide

Poacher’s Baobab Hide is located on the northern end of Tarangire National Park, just a short drive south of Tarangire Hill and west of the Tarangire River. Accommodation options in the area include public and special campsites inside the park, along with lodges and hotels.

How to Get to Poacher’s Baobab Hide

You can get to Poacher’s Baobab Hide by air or by road. There are a number of airstrips inside the park that provide access from most regions of the country. Alternatively, you could use a private, rental, or tour vehicle to get there from one of the main park gates. It takes about an hour’s drive to get there from the main gate.

Accommodation Options

There are several accommodation options near Poacher’s Baobab Hide, ranging from public and special campsites inside the park to lodges and hotels. These include:

  • Tarangire Treetops: A luxury lodge located in the private Lemala Wildlife Conservancy.
  • Tarangire Sopa Lodge: A large lodge located on the eastern side of the park.
  • Tarangire River Camp: A tented camp located on the banks of the Tarangire River.
  • Oliver’s Camp: A luxury tented camp located in a remote area of the park.

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