Tanzania Safari Tours - Wildebeest Migration Adventure

Tanzania Safari

Our Tanzania safaris and tours will take you on a journey of contrasts that you will never forget, from game drives through scenic wild landscapes seeking out the ‘Big 5’ animals to strolling along white sandy beaches, visiting award-winning national parks, world heritage sites like the Ngorongoro Crater and exploring exciting, challenging mountain climbs like the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Our selection of preferred Tanzania accommodation ranges from sophisticated luxury hotels to rustic bush lodges and beach resorts.

Tanzania is populated by people with a rich variety of languages and cultures preserved since time immemorial. Interact with the Maasai of Tanzania and the bushmen tribes of Tanzania, the Hadzabe. Equally diverse is its variety of landscapes, including spectacular mountain climbs, rugged coastlines, forests, sun-drenched beaches as well as wilderness areas such as the renowned Serengeti National Park which teem with iconic species. At the same time, Tanznaia offers a sophisticated tourist infrastructure, excellent road and air networks, as well as top-drawer accommodation.

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Why climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Tranquil?


We have handpicked mountain climbing guides from Tranquil Kilimanjaro that are licensed with years of experience.


Best climbing service with delicious meals made from fresh, local ingredients and clean water.


Your safety is our number one priority so whether its emergency oxygen, daily health checks or pulse-oxymeters we go the extra step to ensure you are in safe hands.


As specialists in high altitude trekking we know how to help you reach the summit successfully. Our great guides, great food and comfortable tents make a big difference.


Whether it’s porter treatment, caring for the environment or supporting local charities we do everything you would want from an ethical operator.


Unlike nearly everyone else you find on the internet we actually run our climbs ourselves and with no middleman you get a high quality climb at a great value price.

Great Wildebeest Migration Safari

Great Migration in Tanzania happens all year round, meaning you can join or go for a wildebeest safari any time of the year. The Gnus of the Serengeti migrate around the Serengeti National Park rotating in a circular manner. An event that doesn’t stop that is why you can visit Tanzania, particularly the Serengeti, any time of the year.

We will explore where the wildebeest usually are at different times of the year, month by month (every wildebeest migration season).

The Great Wildebeest Migration is mostly on the Tanzanian side of the Serengeti, more times that the Masai Mara side of Kenya. The herds only cross the Mara River to Masai Mara in Search for greener pastures as an extension of their grazing lands.

Tanzania Destinations

Combine Kilimanjaro treks with safaris or Zanzibar beach holidays


Why visit Tanzania? This is perhaps the most asked question by travellers wishing to visit Africa. Well the answer to this question are infinite.

Without further ado, let us skip the question” why visit Tanzania with  Tranquil Journeys?” and go straight forward to the main question at hand. Here are the reasons why Tanzania is the best safari country to visit.

  1. BEST SAFARI COUNTRY TO VISIT.Tanzania is the best safari destination for African safaris in the world. This is according to a recent survey done by Safaribookings. You can read about the survey here.
  2. THE BEST WILDLIFE AND THE BEST PARKS  Tanzania is home to abundant wildlife that includes all of the rare big 5 animals. The Serengeti national park and the Ngorongoro Crater are two of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that boast of a large safari wildlife population that will reward you with unlimited game drives. It is also worth noting that the Serengeti National Park plays host the annual Serengeti Wildebeest Migration.
  3. A SAFARI FOR ALL SEASONSTanzania offers a wide range of adventures, hence, you can visit Tanzania all year round even though there are wet and dry seasons in this African country that lies on the equator. The months of April and May are the least favourable months to visit for safaris in Tanzania

The moment you land in Tanzania and head to the Tanzania National Parks, your heartbeats go to the tune of a slow rhythm of African drums, and your stress levels descend. The air becomes fresher; the sky is bluer; the world goes back to default settings and as you immerse yourself into nature, you become one with nature and you forget about your worries for once.

The beauty of Tanzania and Africa as a whole can be found from within. Whether you are on a game drive, marveling at a giraffe walking majestically, swinging its hips, or an antelope passing out from a lion’s slap, it is an adventure like no other. You make unlikely friends out of vervet monkeys while having lunch at your safari campsite as you piece together stories shared by your tour guide.

In Africa, you will instantly feel at home, after all, it all started in Africa.

When is the best time to go for Safari

kilimanjaro best time

January - March

Dry and quiet
kilimanjaro weather time rain

April - May

Quiet but wet
kilimanjaro weather, sunny time

June - October

Warm and dry but busy
mount kilimanjaro snow time

November - December

Some rain and colder
Without a reliable safari company and expert advise, planning your perfect Tanzania safari tour can be somehow tricky for first timers and recurrent tourists alike. A tanzania safari is often on many travellers bucket list as this country offers stunning views and plenty of wildlife like in the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park.

That is why it is best to let Tranquil Jouneys safari experts guide you on which destinations, accommodation and best itinerary at no extra cost. We can help you design an itinerary of your dreams by suggesting the best time to visit Tanzania, the camps and lodges to stay in and the best safari trips to choose.

Choosing the best safari tour in Tanzania can be a puzzle because safaris depend on a few factors that may include the weather as wildlife spotting goes hand in hand with the weather and season.We also assist in organizing transport (safari landruizers and charter flights) to remote parks and game reserves. It is our job to give you the best experience all you need to tell us where you want to go, where you want to stay and when you want to come to Tanzania. Dont let the online booking issues confuse you, get in touch with us via info@tranquilsafari.com

For example, if you want to witness the Great Migration in Tanzania in July and get the best out of your trip, booking your accommodation in the Southern Serengeti doesnt make sense at all.

There is no extra charge for our safari services. The accommodation options we book for you offer us a commission that helps in running our business. So what are waitng for? Tailor make your bespoke Tanzania safari now.

Tanzania Safaris from the United States and United Kingdom

If you are based in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom/England, we would be honoured to plan your Tanzania safari. There are many resources online that can assist you with long-distance, international flights, local internal (charter) flights, planning your Tanzania safari itinerary, and booking your stay at recommended Tanzania safari camps and lodges. We know you would want your trip to be smooth, so do we! Our reservation office in Arusha will reply to your questions and make Tanzania safari from the United States (US) and United Kingdom/England as soon as possible.

Tanzania Safaris from Dubai

Coming from Dubai to Tanzania for safaris is a great option as Dubai is a huge flight hub with a huge network of flights to many airports in East Africa. Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda and the neighbouring country, Kenya are some of the popular safari destinations from Dubai. . We are looking foward to plan your Tanzania safari from Dubai.

African Safaris from India

Many Indians love to visit Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda and there are many direct flights from major companies like Fly Emirates that have offices in major Indian Airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalire and Mumbai that fly from India to Tanzania. India is also not far off from the African continent and we would love to organize and plan your Tanzania safari from India.

How is a Tanzania Safari different from other holidays?

A Tanzania safari is more unique than any other holiday. Many Tanzania parks and attractions are remote, unexplored, untouched and wild all year round. With many options to choose from, you will be astonished by the wonderful sights and sounds of nature. You will be up close to nature, exploring the national parks and game reserves with accommodation options being tented camping and lodge safaris.. Your trip can be custmized however you with and we can create an itinerary that offers a combination of both camping and lodge!

Cheap Safaris, Budget Safaris, Affordable Safaris or Luxury Safaris?

Tanzania safaris can be categorised as luxury, midrange or budget safaris depending on the level of accommodation you prefer. usually we strongly advise our clients not to go for cheap safaris but rather affordable safaris. Cheap is always expensive and very costly in the end. Depending on your budget, we can come up with a worthwhile itinerary. Most of the lodges and tented camps in Tanzania have all the amenities you would want, for example, beautiful views, a swimming pool, air-conditioners, wifi, hair dryers, etc, or none at all! Luxury safaris feature the most prominent types of accommodation from household brand chains of lodges and camps.

The real difference between a Tanzania safari and any other holiday is that you are completely immersed in the wild side of nature, completely disconnected from the outside world and truly surrounded by wilderness.

Since Tanzania lies on the equator, most of the time it is fairly warm, bright and sunny all year round apart from a few months in between. Tanzania has distinct dry seasons and distinct rainy seasons (also known as the green season) with most parks being wet and humid throughout the year with moderate temperatures. Frankly speaking, the best time to go on a Tanzania is during the dry season when the the grass is shorter, making it easier to view wildlife and animals converge around depleting water sources. On the other hand, the green season also has other benefits as it is best for bird watching safaris as many migratory birds flock in most parks in Tanzania and safari prices are more affordable during this off-peak season. Since the green season brings along rains, many camps close down temporarily because some roads are not easily accessible due to flooding.

Kenya Tanzania Safaris
Kenya and Tanzania are amazing safari destinations in East Africa all year long. The great wildebeest migration that occurs between the Serengeti national park of Tanzania and Masai Mara Game Reserve of Kenya is a major attraction as millions of wildebeest attempt to cross the mara river for greener pastures. Best time for the Kenya-Tanzania wildebeest migration safari is between the months of July to october for mara River crossings and February – March for the calving season. The rainy season of April-May is not the best time for safari and can be avoided unless you chose a different kind of adventure in Tanzania.

Best time for Mount Kilimanjaro and Safaris
For Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and safari, the rainy season of April, may and November can be avoided.

Best time for Safaris & Zanzibar
While the coastal areas of Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Pemba and mafia being mostly tropical, the best time to visit Zanzibar is during the months of June to October during the cool, dry months of spring which is also the best time to combine a safari and Zanzibar beach holiday. Another great time to visit Zanzibar spice islands is from the months of December to February when it’s hot and dry.

A day on safari begins very early in the morning when the sun begins to rise, turning your tent into a bright glow of canvas. You will get a customary “Jambo greeting” from the camp staff, as they serve you a cup of coffee or tea (or hot chocolate) and fresh cookies outside your tent.

After your breakfast, you will then proceed to the meeting point then afterwards you will get into your safari vehicle. At

Tranquil Journeys Safari Vehicles
At Tranquil Journeys, our 4×4 Landcruisers are modified to maximize your Tanzania safari experience with large roll down windows, pop up roofs, power sockets to charge your cameras for photographic safaris and a fridge to keep your drinks cool on a hot day.

After meeting your safari guide and boarding your safari vehicle, you will drive into the park, it may be chilly in Africa during the early mornings so it is advised that you bring along warm clothes. Click here to see what to pack and wear for your safari.

Normal game drive duration takes around 4 hours in the morning, when the predators are more active. Be sure to look out for big 5 animals, especially big cats and if you are lucky enough you might spot serval cats, honey badgers or even caracals before you return to camp for your breakfast. Most of the time you will enjoy a full english breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, bread and fruits. Yur chefs are professional and they can prepare special diet meals as per your restrictions. You can heve vegan meals on safari, Kosher food on safari, halal meals on safari, these recommendations should be comminucated and adressed earlier with our reservation office before your safari.

If your game drive drags on till lunch time, you will have packed meals in lunch boxes but usually, after breakfast you will relax at the camp. During day time most animals especially predators are not active, they usually take naps under tree shades or on tree branches to conserve their energy. This is the perfect time for you to also relax at the camp, read your favourite book or take a bathe.

Alternatively, some camps and lodges offer cultural tours or just nature walks e.g Endoro lodge to nearby attractions and villages.

Lunch is at the camp is not that heavy meals as the chef can fix a salad or sandwich for you because a few hours after lunch usually around 3:30 pm you will be served with tea or coffee with amazing cakes to escort your tea as you marvel at the surroundings, views and slow rhythms of life in the middle of nowhere.

The second game drive of the day will begin soon in the form of an evening game drive. During the evening when the sun strats to settle down, animals are also active. You will spot lions sstalking prey as your guide will find a way to get you closer to a solitary leopard trying its luck at hunting.

This is the territory of the predators and your guides, they know these surroundings like the back of their hands. Soon enough you will be staring at a male lion, bearing focussed eyes, chiselled body physique and a dark mane, ready for a hunt.

Probably the highlight of the evening is sipping coffee as you watch the amber sun go down behind the endless plains and beautiful hills that silhouette acacia trees. it is sun downer time in the bush and you are lucky to be in the right place at the right time!

Night time is some tourists favourite moments, as you group around a camp fire, a bon fire that consumes firewood as you consume shared stories of the day from your safari guides and your group at the camp but not untill you arrive to your camp from your evening game drive. As you arrive after ending your safari day, you will be received warmly at the camp, with warm face towels, and fresh juice to cool things down as you prepare for dinner.

Dinner is usually a lively event. The dinner table is the size of a conference room table with seats arranged neatly around it and a dinner arrangemnt set, waiting patiently for the four course sumptous delicacies prepared by yours truly, your able chef. After a delicious meal and satistaction you suddenly realise how exhausted and sleepy you are. Time to slide into your bed covers and rewind on the day on safari. Lights out, it was an amazing day on safari, thanks to Tranquil Journeys.

Tanzania offers a wide range of accommodation types depnding on your own taste. At Tranquil Journeys, we are more than happy to tailor make your bespoke safari tour just like you desire it to be. If you wish to sleep unders the stars in the canvas, we can make it a possibility. if you are into amazing views, we can make it happen too. We partner with environmental friendly lodges and camps for your safari accommodation.

Below are your Tanzania safari accommodation styles to choose from.

Tanzania Tented camps – This is the calssic style and original safari camp. It is a great kind of accommodation that consists of a bed complete with beddings (mattress + sheets). The tented camp’s bathroom is made of a bucket shower a toilet on the side and towel rack with a sink and a mirror. A wardrobe is also included to store your belongings and a deck to marvel at the amazing views on site. Delicious meals are also prepared at the camp by your chef.

Luxury tented camps – Luxury tented camps can give luxury lodges are for their money. A perfect example for glamping. Luxury tented camps have a few advantages over luxury lodges in that they offer stunning views. The interiors are fully furnished with luxurious beds that have the finest linens, designer bath tubs, posh couches and lanterns and swarovski binoculars.

You will be treated to pure royalty at you will served by top of the range chefs, mouth watering cusines and drinks.

Budget camps – The kind of accommodation is the old style kind of mobile camping while on safari, that features dome shaped tents pitched at campsites in Tanzania. It is possible to experience the adventures of the African safari on a shoe string budget. Your safari crew will include your safari guides and chef to prepare your meals on safari.

Mobile safari camps – This type of safari accommodation is almost the same as budget camping, only that in this kind of accommodation requires you to travel in a caravan that consists of your guide, staff and chef that will be with you all the way till the end of your safari. Your staff will make sure that when you come back from your evening game drives, you will find your camp set up while the chef prepares your meals.

Boutique lodges and hotels – This is a popular type of accommocation for lodge safaris as you will be booked into luxury lodges at the parks. At the lodges everything is in order, from the food to the accommodation. A great example of a boutique lodge is the &Beyond Lodge in Ngorongoro and Serengeti. As for hotels, they will be useful especially before and after your safari as you will need to stay for a day in town when you arrive in Tanzania or any neighbouring airport before heading to the national parks for safari.

Beach resorts – After your safari, you may want to get a few days in Zanzibar to laze and relax on the beach in Zanzibar, Mafia or Pemba islands, soak in some sun and enjoy the breeze. Beach resorts will be useful on your Zanzibar beach Holidays trip.

Southern Tanzania Safaris


The southern Tanzania safaris are less popular than the iconic Serengeti safaris and Ngorongoro crater safaris on the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. The Southern circuit parks of Ruaha national park, Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi national park and Katavi National park may be more popular than the Western tanznaia safaris, made popular by chimpanzee tracking safaris of Mahale National Park thanks to the efforts made by Jane Goodall.

Pros and Cons of Southern Tanzania Safaris.

Southern Tanzania National Parks offers amazing game viewing options and a variety of safari activities such as boating safaris in Selous Game Reserve, fishing safaris, walking safaris and fly camping.

First of all wildlife is plenty in the parks located in South Tanzania circuit offering great wildlife viewing opportunities and more than enough predator action. The Southern Circuit of Tanzania has many species that can be found in the Southern Africa and Eastern Africa. Besides, the safari vehicles used in the south of Tanznaia are open-sided, not closed-sided vehicles of the Northern circuit park of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara.

Secondly, the Southern national parks have less tourist traffic than the parks located in Northern Tanzania, are less crowded offering a more privated and exclusive Tanzania safari experience as they are large sized too.

Western Tanzania Safaris & Chimpanzee safaris

The western parks, Udzungwa Mountains and Mahale Mountains National parks, are even more wild and remote than the Southern counterpats. They are more popular for chimpanzee tracking safaris, or as populalry known chimps safaris.