Boundary Hill Gate is a security checkpoint and ranger’s outpost located on the northeastern border of Tarangire National Park. It’s an entry point for tourists coming into the park and a departure point for those leaving. The gate has limited facilities such as toilets, but it’s the perfect place to start your adventure in Tarangire National Park.

If you’re an wildlife enthusiast looking for a memorable wildlife experience, then Tarangire National Park is a must-visit destination. And the best place to start is at Boundary Hill Gate, an entry point on the northeastern border of the park, equipped with necessary facilities such as toilets. From here, you can explore the expansive Tarangire National Park, which is home to various animals, including elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, buffalos, zebras, and many more. Boundary Hill Gate is also the starting point for the Randilen Wildlife Management Area, where animals roam freely, especially during the rainy seasons.

In this article, we will explore the various activities you can do at the Boundary Hill Gate, how to get there, the best time to visit, and some FAQs to help plan your visit.

What to Do at Boundary Hill Gate

  1. Get Permits Checked: Before entering the park, you need to pay for your permits at the gate and have them checked in. You also need to check them out when leaving the park. Tarangire National Park uses an electronic system for permits, with payments made by card.
  2. Get Information: At Boundary Hill Gate, you can get valuable information about the park, such as the best places to see animals, safety tips, and regulations that you should follow.
  3. Arrange for a Ranger: If you’re looking for a more guided wildlife experience, you can prearrange with park authorities to have a ranger accompany you. The ranger will help you spot animals and provide information about them.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tarangire National Park is during the dry season, from July to October, as most animals gather around the Tarangire River. However, you can visit the park any time of the year, except from March to June, which is the rainy season. During this period, most animals migrate away from the Tarangire River, and the park is difficult to access due to muddy roads.

Location of Boundary Hill Gate

Boundary Hill Gate is located a short distance east of the Boundary Hills, on the northeastern border of Tarangire National Park. You can access the gate using various means, as discussed below.

How to Get to Boundary Hill Gate

  1. By Road: You can use a private vehicle, rental car, or a tour bus from Arusha, which is the nearest town, to Boundary Hill Gate. The drive takes about two to three hours, depending on the traffic and weather conditions.
  2. By Air: You can also use an airstrip within the park, with flights from most airports in the country. From the airstrip, you can arrange for transport to Boundary Hill Gate.


  1. Do I Need to Prearrange for Permits?: No, you can get permits at the gate, and the process is relatively fast and straightforward.
  2. Can I Drive My Own Car in the Park?: Yes, you can drive your car in the park, but you need to follow the designated routes and keep a safe distance from the animals.
  3. Can I Camp at Tarangire National Park?: Yes, you can camp at Tarangire national park as there are public campsites nearby.

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