Robanda Safari Camp is strategically located to provide an unforgettable bush experience in Tanzania. Situated in a strategic location along the wildebeest migration route, the camp offers exceptional game-viewing opportunities during the migration season. Additionally, the camp enjoys a high concentration of resident wildlife throughout the year, including wildebeest, zebra, elephant, giraffe, lion, hyena, gazelle, topi, and buffalo.

As a camp located just outside the Serengeti National Park, Robanda Safari Camp offers exclusive activities such as night game drives and walking safaris, which are not permitted within the national park. With only seven tents, the camp ensures a small and intimate setting, providing personalized service and a tranquil atmosphere away from the busyness of larger camps.


The camp offers spacious tented rooms, each tastefully furnished with either double or twin beds and an attached bathroom. Every tent features a private veranda that overlooks the vast Serengeti plains, providing breathtaking views of herds of wildebeest and zebras. The tents are designed in a “bush style,” set up in a permanent manner. Each tent has its own private bathroom with a bush shower and toilet facilities. Guests can enjoy the comfort of mosquito nets, mosquito coils, candles, and matches. The tents are also equipped with electrical lighting and charging facilities for cameras and batteries.


Robanda Safari Camp features an open restaurant where guests can savor a variety of local and international dishes. The daily changing four-course menu offers a delightful culinary experience. The restaurant includes a bar area where guests can unwind with a refreshing cocktail while observing animals gathering at the nearby waterhole, located just 30 meters away from the bar. Complementary coffee and tea are available in the afternoon.


Located along the wildebeest migration route, Robanda Safari Camp provides an ideal setting for an authentic bush experience. The camp is surrounded by abundant wildlife, including elephants, zebras, giraffes, and buffalos. Situated outside the Serengeti National Park, the camp offers convenient access to guided walking safaris and night game drives, which are not available within the park. Guests can enjoy the remarkable natural beauty and wildlife of the Serengeti in a more secluded and private environment.


Robanda Safari Camp offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay:

  • Panoramic open restaurant serving local and international cuisine
  • Lookout tower providing a stunning view of the Serengeti plains, offering cold drinks during sunset
  • Full and half board rates, with lunch boxes available for outings
  • Room service upon request
  • Daily campfire under the stars
  • Support of the local village through bed night fees and yearly grants
  • Nearby airstrip for convenient access


Guests at Robanda Safari Camp can engage in a variety of activities to make the most of their bush experience, including:

  • Night game drives (pre-booked only)
  • Early morning or sunset walking safaris
  • Visits to local Maasai villages
  • Traditional dances
  • Balloon safari pick-up from the camp

By offering a blend of incredible wildlife encounters, cultural experiences, and a peaceful setting, Robanda Safari Camp ensures an unforgettable safari adventure in the heart of the Serengeti ecosystem.


Getting to Robanda Safari Camp is possible both by air and road. Here are the details:

By Air:

  1. Nearest Airstrip: The camp is conveniently located near an airstrip, allowing guests to fly directly to the vicinity. The exact name of the nearest airstrip can be obtained by contacting the camp or your tour operator.
  2. Domestic Flights: Domestic flights from major airports, such as Arusha or Kilimanjaro International Airport, can be arranged to reach the nearest airstrip. Several airlines operate regular flights to these airports.
  3. Airstrip Transfer: Upon arrival at the designated airstrip, guests will be met by camp representatives who will provide transportation to Robanda Safari Camp. The transfer may be conducted via a safari vehicle or other appropriate means.

By Road:

  1. Self-Drive: Guests also have the option to reach Robanda Safari Camp by road. They can drive their own vehicles or hire a car and follow the recommended routes leading to the camp.
  2. Private Transfer: Private transfers can be arranged through the camp or your tour operator. This involves hiring a driver or a dedicated vehicle to transport you from your location to Robanda Safari Camp.

It is advised to coordinate with the camp or your tour operator for specific directions, road conditions, and any other necessary information before embarking on your journey to Robanda Safari Camp.

Please note that road travel times may vary depending on the starting location and prevailing conditions. It is always recommended to plan your travel in advance and allow sufficient time for a comfortable and safe journey to the camp.

Robanda Safari Camp FAQs

  1. What is the best time to visit Robanda Safari Camp?
    The camp is open from June to October each year, which coincides with the peak season for wildlife viewing in the Serengeti. This period offers excellent opportunities to witness the wildebeest migration and experience abundant game concentrations. However, it’s essential to check with the camp or your tour operator for the most up-to-date information on the migration patterns and the best time to visit.
  2. How do I reach Robanda Safari Camp?
    You can reach the camp by both air and road. The nearest airstrip can be accessed through domestic flights from major airports like Arusha or Kilimanjaro International Airport. Alternatively, you can opt for road travel by self-driving or arranging a private transfer. It is recommended to coordinate with the camp or your tour operator for specific directions and guidance.
  3. How many tents does Robanda Safari Camp have?
    The camp features a total of 7 tents, providing an intimate and exclusive experience for guests. Each tent is fully furnished and offers comfortable accommodations with ensuite bathrooms, showers, and flushing toilets.
  4. What amenities are available at the camp?
    Robanda Safari Camp offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. These include a dining tent where delicious meals are served, a campfire area for evening gatherings, and solar lighting in the tents and bathrooms. Additionally, the camp provides daily housekeeping services, luggage racks, and charging possibilities for your convenience.
  5. What activities can I enjoy during my stay?
    Guests at Robanda Safari Camp can engage in a variety of activities. Game drives are a highlight, allowing you to explore the Serengeti’s diverse wildlife and witness the spectacular migration. Other activities include experiencing Mara River crossings, enjoying bush lunches in picturesque settings, and participating in traditional Maasai village visits. It’s recommended to check with the camp for specific options and availability.
  6. Is there Wi-Fi available at the camp?
    Due to the remote location of the camp, Wi-Fi may not be available or may have limited connectivity. Robanda Safari Camp offers a chance to disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. However, it’s advisable to confirm with the camp for any specific internet access arrangements.
  7. Is Robanda Safari Camp suitable for families?
    Yes, the camp welcomes families and offers suitable accommodations and activities for children. It’s recommended to communicate your specific requirements and the age of children when making reservations, allowing the camp to cater to your needs accordingly.
  8. What measures are taken for guest safety?
    Robanda Safari Camp prioritizes guest safety and takes necessary precautions. The camp employs Maasai staff who are trained to ensure the well-being of guests. Additionally, security personnel are available to accompany guests to and from their tents. It’s essential to adhere to the provided guidelines and follow the instructions of the camp staff for a safe and enjoyable experience.
Robanda Safari Camp

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