Nyasi Migrational Camp, operated by Legendary Expeditions, is renowned for its exceptional service, expert guiding, and luxurious accommodations. This migration camp moves between two locations in the Serengeti throughout the year, allowing guests to closely follow the iconic Great Migration. With a front-row seat to the procession of over two million wildebeest, zebras, and Thomson’s gazelles, Nyasi Migrational Camp offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the African savannah.


Nyasi Migrational Camp features eight en-suite tents and a family tent, providing comfortable and stylish accommodations. The decor is inspired by the surrounding natural environment, with earthy colors and natural linen that reflect the tranquility of the camp’s surroundings. Guests have the option to reserve an entire side of the camp for maximum privacy and exclusivity.


Shared dining areas and al-fresco locations at Nyasi Migrational Camp offer a delightful culinary experience. Enjoy delicious meals prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, perfectly complemented by the stunning surroundings of the Serengeti. Whether dining indoors or under the African sky, the camp ensures a memorable gastronomic journey.


Nyasi Migrational Camp moves between two locations in the Serengeti to follow the Great Migration. During different times of the year, the camp is set up in the savannah of Lamai in the northern Serengeti and the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti. This strategic positioning provides guests with unparalleled access to the spectacular wildlife and natural wonders of each region.


The camp offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Each side of the camp features a communal lounge, where guests can relax and unwind after a thrilling day of safari adventures. The camp is also equipped with 24-hour security patrols for your safety and peace of mind. Wi-Fi connectivity is available, and there is an electricity supply of 220V along with plug points for charging electronic devices. For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, a yoga mat is available upon request.

Camp Facilities:

  • Number of Guest Suites: The camp consists of eight double suites and one family tent per camp, providing comfortable accommodation options.
  • Exclusive Use: There is an option to make the family tent side a ‘private camp’ for guests seeking maximum privacy.
  • Children: Children aged 4 years and older are welcome at the camp.
  • Security/Patrolled: The camp has 24-hour patrol services to ensure the safety and security of guests.
  • Wi-Fi: Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the camp.
  • Swimming Pool: The camp features a swimming pool where guests can relax and cool off.
  • Electricity and Plug Points: The camp provides 220V electricity and plug points for charging electronic devices.
  • Living Area: Each side of the camp has a communal lounge area for socializing and relaxation.
  • Dining: Shared dining areas and al-fresco locations are available for guests to savor delicious meals.
  • Disabled Access: The camp offers accessibility for guests with disabilities.
  • Fitness: Yoga mats are available on request for guests interested in maintaining their fitness routine.

Tent Facilities:

  • Bed Size: The tents offer king or twin bed configurations, with the option of triple beds in all tents.
  • Air Conditioning: Fans are provided in the tents for guests’ comfort.
  • Mosquito Nets and Repellents: The tents are equipped with mosquito nets and repellents to ensure a peaceful and insect-free environment.
  • Shower: Each tent has a private en-suite bathroom with a shower.
  • Vanity: Tents feature a vanity area for personal grooming.
  • Twin Vanities: The en-suite bathrooms are equipped with twin vanities.
  • Mini-Bar: Drinks are available on request from the mini-bar.
  • Safe: Guests can store their valuables in the manager’s safe.
  • Telephone: A satellite phone is available upon request at an additional charge.
  • Handheld Radio: Tents are equipped with a handheld radio for communication.
  • Hairdryer: A hairdryer is provided for guests’ convenience.
  • Laundry Included: Light laundry service is included, excluding delicate items.


Nyasi Migrational Camp offers an array of activities to immerse guests in Serengeti’s natural beauty and wildlife. Private game drives during the day allow for close encounters with the diverse fauna, including the opportunity to witness the Great Migration up close. Night game drives offer a unique perspective on nocturnal wildlife behavior (available only in the southern Serengeti location). Guided walking safaris provide an intimate experience with nature, while bush picnics offer a chance to savor delicious meals in the heart of the wilderness. For those interested in cultural immersion, an authentic experience with the Datoga tribe is available in the southern Serengeti location. Hot air ballooning (available in the northern Serengeti location) and helicopter adventures (southern Serengeti location) provide breathtaking aerial views of the landscape.

Here are the activities offered at Nyasi Migrational Camp:

  1. Private Vehicle Game Drives (Day): Guests can embark on private game drives in custom-built vehicles, accompanied by experienced guides. Explore the Serengeti’s diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes during the daytime.
  2. Game Drives (Night): Night game drives are available at the camp’s southern Serengeti location. Experience the thrill of spotting nocturnal animals and witness the unique behaviors that unfold after sunset.
  3. All-Day Safaris: Nyasi Migrational Camp offers full-day safaris for guests who want to maximize their wildlife viewing opportunities. Enjoy uninterrupted game drives and immerse yourself in Serengeti’s natural wonders.
  4. Off-Roading: At the southern Serengeti location, guests have the chance to go off-roading, allowing for closer encounters with wildlife and access to more remote areas.
  5. Walking Safaris: Explore the African wilderness on foot during guided walking safaris. Discover the smaller intricacies of the ecosystem, learn about the flora and fauna, and experience the thrill of being on foot in the Serengeti.
  6. Bush Picnics: Enjoy a picturesque picnic in the heart of the Serengeti. Delight in delicious meals surrounded by nature, offering a unique dining experience amidst the wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.
  7. Children on Safari: Nyasi Migrational Camp welcomes children aged 4 years and older on safari. The discretion of parents and private guides will determine their participation in activities.
  8. Authentic Cultural Experience: At the southern Serengeti location, guests have the opportunity to spend time with the Datoga tribe, experiencing their customs, traditions, and way of life, providing a deeper understanding of the local culture.
  9. Hot Air Ballooning: Available at the northern Serengeti location, guests can embark on a memorable hot air balloon ride, offering panoramic views of the Serengeti’s vast plains and wildlife from a unique perspective (additional charge applies).
  10. Helicopter Adventures: Exclusive to the southern Serengeti location, guests can opt for thrilling helicopter adventures, providing an exhilarating aerial view of the Serengeti’s remarkable landscapes (additional charge applies).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Nyasi Migrational Camp:

  1. Q: How many tents does Nyasi Migrational Camp have?
    A: The camp has eight en-suite tents and one family tent.
  2. Q: What is the capacity of each tent?
    A: Each tent can accommodate either a king-size bed or twin beds. Triple occupancy is also available, and there are four stretcher beds for additional guests.
  3. Q: Is air conditioning available in the tents?
    A: The tents are equipped with fans for ventilation and to ensure a comfortable stay.
  4. Q: Are mosquito nets and repellents provided?
    A: Yes, mosquito nets and repellents are provided in the tents to enhance guests’ comfort and protect against insects.
  5. Q: Do the tents have private showers and vanities?
    A: Each tent has an en-suite bathroom with a shower and twin vanities for guests’ convenience.
  6. Q: Are mini-bars available in the tents?
    A: Drinks can be requested from the camp staff and served in the tents upon guest’s request.
  7. Q: Are there safes in the tents for storing valuables?
    A: Valuables can be stored in the manager’s safe to ensure their safety during your stay.
  8. Q: Is there phone and internet connectivity?
    A: While there is limited phone reception, a satellite phone is available upon request at an additional charge. Wi-Fi is also available at the camp.
  9. Q: Can laundry be done at the camp?
    A: Yes, a light laundry service is included, excluding delicate items.
  10. Q: Is there a swimming pool at the camp?
    A: Nyasi Migrational Camp does not have a swimming pool.

Getting There by Air and Road

The nearest international airport to Nyasi Migrational Camp is Kilimanjaro International Airport. From Arusha airport, guests can reach the camp via private charter or scheduled flights to smaller Serengeti airstrips. For the southern Serengeti location, Mwiba or Makao airstrips are the preferred options, while the northern camp is accessible from Lamai Airstrip. From the respective airstrips, Nyasi Migrational Camp can be reached by a 45-minute drive (Mwiba or Lamai) or a 20-minute drive (Makao).

South – Mwiba/Makao Airstrips Approximately 45 minutes’ drive to Nyasi Migrational Camp

North – Lamai Airstrip Approximately 45 minutes’ drive to Nyasi Migrational Camp

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