Munge Waterfalls is one of the most amazing waterfalls inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, located in northern Tanzania. It is one of the few waterfalls that can be seen from miles away, but unfortunately, the only way to view it up close is from above as it stands at the edge of Olmoti crater floor.

Munge Waterfalls is a hidden paradise nestled inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is a breathtaking natural wonder that showcases the beauty of Tanzania’s landscape. The water cascades down a series of stages, dropping over 30 meters, surrounded by lush green vegetation and unique flowers and plants that grow in the area. The falls are located on the eastern rim of Olmoti crater and are visible from a few points on the road from Ngorongoro crater.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Munge Waterfalls, from how to get there to the best time to visit.

How to Get to Munge Waterfalls?

There are two ways to get to Munge Waterfalls – by vehicle or hiking. The last bit from Nainokanoka village has to be done by hiking, but there are some hiking routes from as far as Mount Oldeani and Empakai crater. Otherwise, a drive from Loduare gate would take about 45 minutes. You could also get there from any point within the conservation area, but on top of the ordinary permit, you would need to pay for a walking safari fee as well as have a ranger accompany you.

Best Time to Visit Munge Waterfalls

The best time to visit Munge Waterfalls is any time of the year, but more emphasis should be put on the end of the year. During this time, it is both dry, and the wildebeest migration is in or near Ngorongoro, which provides an excellent opportunity to combine a safari with a waterfall adventure.

What to Do at Munge Waterfalls?

There are several activities that visitors can enjoy at Munge Waterfalls, including:

1. Hiking

The only way to access the falls is by hiking. You will have to climb onto the crater rim, then down to the floor and walk to the point where the gorge begins. The hike up takes about an hour, and the descent takes about 30 minutes.

2. Explore the Marsh Near the Falls

The marsh near the falls is a unique ecosystem with several types of birds and plants that are not found elsewhere in the area. Exploring this marsh provides visitors with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

3. Get a Glimpse of the Falls from the Edge

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try to get a glimpse of the falls from as close to the edge as you are willing to go. However, be cautious as the edge can be dangerous, and visitors are advised not to get too close.

4. Observe the Local Wildlife

There are a few cattle that normally graze in the area nearby. Observing them in their natural habitat provides visitors with a glimpse of local life in Tanzania.


Munge Waterfalls is a hidden gem that offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Tanzania’s natural landscape. It is an ideal destination for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone looking for a unique experience. Whether you choose to hike, explore the marsh, or observe the local wildlife, Munge Waterfalls is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Plan your visit today and discover the magic of Munge Waterfalls.

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