Lemala Ewanjan Camp is strategically located in a serene and less frequented area, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of the surroundings. The camp’s high specification ensures a comfortable and memorable stay, with attention to detail and personalized service.

Each tented room at Lemala Ewanjan Camp offers a private sanctuary amidst the wilderness. Thoughtfully decorated and well-appointed, the rooms provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. From the comfort of your tent, you can relish panoramic views of the captivating landscape, where the untamed African wildlife roams freely.

The camp’s prime location provides convenient access to a variety of safari areas within Serengeti Central. Embark on thrilling game drives and encounter the Big Five, marvel at the endless grassy plains dotted with acacia trees, and witness the extraordinary wildlife interactions that unfold before your eyes.

Lemala Ewanjan Camp is more than just a place to rest; it’s a gateway to unforgettable adventures in the heart of the Serengeti. Experience the thrill of tracking wildlife, listen to the symphony of nature at night, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Africa’s most iconic landscapes.

With its commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism, Lemala Ewanjan Camp aims to minimize its ecological footprint while offering guests an exceptional safari experience. Immerse yourself in the wilderness, let the sounds and sights of Serengeti captivate your senses, and let Lemala Ewanjan Camp be your haven of comfort and tranquility in this remarkable corner of Tanzania.


Located in a tranquil setting on the pristine eastern plains of Serengeti Central in northern Tanzania, Lemala Ewanjan Camp offers a premium mobile-tented experience. With its 10 tastefully designed tented rooms, this camp combines luxury and authenticity while providing access to a diverse range of safari areas.

Experience the magic of Lemala Ewanjan Camp and embark on an extraordinary journey through the untamed beauty of Serengeti Central.

Getting There

To reach Lemala Ewanjan Camp, you can fly into the nearby Kogatende Airstrip, which is approximately a 30-minute drive away. Alternatively, you can opt for a scenic road transfer from Arusha or other parts of Tanzania. The camp provides convenient transfers from the airstrip or designated meeting points, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free arrival.

Accommodation at Lemala Ewanjan Camp

The camp features spacious and beautifully appointed tents that offer a blend of rustic charm and modern comforts. Each tent is elegantly furnished and equipped with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable beds, and a private veranda where you can unwind and soak in the awe-inspiring views of the Serengeti. Experience the tranquility of the wilderness without compromising on luxury.


Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp is a luxury safari camp located in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The camp offers a variety of amenities and activities to guests, including:

  • Spacious and comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms
  • Delicious meals prepared by an award-winning chef
  • Game drives and walking safaris to see the abundant wildlife of the Serengeti
  • A swimming pool, sun terrace, and campfire
  • Laundry service and Wi-Fi
  • A well-stocked bar
  • A qualified guide and tracker
  • A commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation

Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp is the perfect place to experience the beauty and wonder of the Serengeti National Park. With its luxurious accommodations, delicious food, and abundance of activities, guests are sure to have an unforgettable safari experience.

Here are some additional details about the amenities offered at Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp:

  • Accommodation: The camp has 12 en-suite tents, each with two queen-size beds, a flush toilet, a large safari-style shower, plenty of running water, wooden storage cabinets and flooring, 24-hour solar lighting, and an outside deck with loungers.
  • Food: The camp offers a full board package, which includes all meals and drinks. The chef prepares delicious and varied meals using fresh, local ingredients.
  • Activities: The camp offers a variety of activities, including game drives, walking safaris, swimming, sunbathing, and campfires. Guests can also request laundry service and Wi-Fi.
  • Sustainability: Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. The camp is powered by solar energy and uses recycled materials whenever possible. The camp also has a strong focus on community engagement and works with local communities to support sustainable development.

Wildlife Encounters

Lemala Ewanjan Camp offers exceptional opportunities for wildlife encounters. Set out on thrilling game drives led by knowledgeable guides who have a deep understanding of Serengeti’s ecosystem. Witness the iconic Big Five – lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceros – as well as a plethora of other fascinating wildlife species. From graceful giraffes to majestic cheetahs and playful zebras, every moment on safari is filled with wonder and excitement.

Migration Experiences

The camp’s strategic location allows guests to witness the incredible spectacle of the Great Migration. Marvel at the massive herds of wildebeest and zebras as they navigate the Serengeti plains in search of greener pastures. Experience the raw power of nature as you observe river crossings teeming with action and drama. This extraordinary phenomenon is a testament to the eternal cycle of life and survival in the Serengeti.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

For a truly unforgettable experience, embark on a hot air balloon safari from Lemala Ewanjan Camp. Drift above the Serengeti’s vast plains at sunrise and witness the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife from a unique perspective. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the sky as you glide silently over the savannah, capturing stunning photographs and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided Nature Walks

Immerse yourself in the smaller details of the Serengeti’s ecosystem with guided nature walks offered by Lemala Ewanjan Camp. Accompanied by experienced guides, explore the enchanting world of flora and fauna, discover hidden tracks, and learn about the intricate web of life that sustains the Serengeti. This up-close and personal experience allows for a deeper appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding you.

Sundowners and Bush Dinners

As the African sun begins to set, indulge in the magical tradition of sundowners. Sip on a refreshing drink and witness the vivid colors of the sky as day transforms into night. Afterward, enjoy a delectable bush dinner under the starlit African sky. The combination of delicious cuisine, the sounds of nature, and the warmth of the campfire creates an unforgettable dining experience.

Conservation and Sustainability

Lemala Ewanjan Camp is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. The camp operates with eco-friendly practices, including solar power usage, responsible waste management, and support for local community initiatives. By choosing to stay at Lemala Ewanjan Camp, you actively contribute to the preservation of Serengeti’s natural heritage and the well-being of local communities.

Lemala Ewanjan – Central Serengeti

Lemala Ewanjan Camp offers an extraordinary safari experience in the heart of the Serengeti. With its luxurious accommodations, thrilling wildlife encounters, and exclusive amenities, the camp provides an unforgettable journey into the wild. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of the Serengeti, witness the Great Migration, and create lifelong memories at Lemala Ewanjan Camp.


  1. Is Lemala Ewanjan Camp suitable for families? Yes, Lemala Ewanjan Camp welcomes families and offers family-friendly accommodations and activities, ensuring an enjoyable safari experience for all ages.
  2. What is the best time to visit Lemala Ewanjan Camp? The best time to visit Lemala Ewanjan Camp is during the Great Migration, which usually occurs between July and October in northern Serengeti. However, the camp offers exceptional wildlife viewing throughout the year.
  3. Are children allowed on game drives at Lemala Ewanjan Camp? Yes, children of all ages can join game drives at Lemala Ewanjan Camp. The experienced guides and staff ensure a safe and engaging experience for the whole family.
  4. What amenities are provided at Lemala Ewanjan Camp? Lemala Ewanjan Camp offers a range of amenities, including comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms, a dining area serving delicious meals, a lounge area for relaxation, and a campfire for evening gatherings.
  5. Can special dietary requirements be accommodated at Lemala Ewanjan Camp? Yes, Lemala Ewanjan Camp can accommodate special dietary requirements. It is recommended to inform the camp in advance so that the chef can prepare suitable meals.

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