Ehlane Plains Camp is a haven for those seeking the romance of exploration and adventure, inspired by the captivating safari expeditions of a bygone era. Nestled in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, this camp is located in a remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the savannah. It is here that the magic of Africa truly comes alive, allowing you to create unforgettable voyages of your own. The name “Ehlane” derives from the Zulu word for “wilderness,” perfectly capturing the essence of this extraordinary and newly accessible location, which offers an unrivaled display of predators and their captivating activities. As you venture into the Soit le Motonyi region, far away from the Serengeti transit areas, you will discover a wild and spectacular landscape that is unique, unspoiled, silent, remote, and truly exciting.


At Ehlane Plains Camp, you will find eight well-appointed tents designed to harmoniously blend with the surrounding ecosystem. Each tented suite offers panoramic views of the vast wilderness that stretches ahead. Step inside, and you will be greeted by a lounge cove featuring comfortable couches and a coffee table, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The tented suites also boast a dressing area with handcrafted cupboards, a net-draped king-size bed with bedside tables and lamps, a mninga writing desk with a chair, a full-length wall mirror, and soft carpets that invite you to wander. The suite seamlessly flows into an ensuite bathroom, featuring a shower that embraces a natural theme, double-hand basins, and a flushing toilet. With no borders or rails, the camp allows wildlife to come and go, ensuring an immersive experience where you must stay alert and keep your eyes open, just as you would expect from the captivating safaris portrayed on the silver screen.


The dining and lounge area of Ehlane Plains Camp serves as the heart of the camp, providing a central meeting point for sharing exciting stories and indulging in delicious meals by the warm glow of the campfire. Whether you are recounting your thrilling encounters with wildlife or simply enjoying the company of friends and family, this space fosters a sense of camaraderie and relaxation. Stay connected with the satellite WiFi connection and share your experiences in real time. Sustainability is at the core of the camp’s operations, with fresh water collected from wells within the national park and solar panels providing electricity for lighting and other camp needs. Great care is taken to minimize the impact on the environment, including environmentally-friendly processes for water drainage and habitat preservation. Each tented suite is thoughtfully spaced to ensure privacy while prioritizing guest safety. Here, at Ehlane Plains Camp, the concept of “ehlane” requires no further introduction.


Situated in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, Ehlane Plains Camp enjoys a privileged position in a remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the savannah. This pristine and exclusive expanse of the Serengeti borders the acacia woodlands, attracting an abundance of herbivores such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and more. The area teems with prides of lions, cheetahs on the prowl, large packs of hyenas, and leopards confidently roaming their ranges. The dramatic encounters between carnivores and herbivores on the open plains create a symphony of wild beauty that will leave you in awe. It is here, in this breathtaking location, that your dream of experiencing the untamed wilderness of Africa comes alive.


Ehlane Plains Camp offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. The camp features eight tented suites, including two unique “star domes” that allow you to recline on large cushions and fall asleep under the enchanting African night sky, transforming your accommodation into a personal planetarium. Additionally, the camp offers one family suite, perfect for families of up to five members, with interconnected suites and a private lounge area for relaxation, reading, conversation, or games. The camp operates on solar and generator power, ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly experience. Battery-charging facilities are available to keep your devices powered, and WiFi connectivity allows you to stay connected with the outside world while immersing yourself in the wilderness.

  1. Tented Suites: The camp offers eight tented suites designed to blend with the ecosystem. Each suite provides clear vistas of the wilderness and features a lounge cove, dressing area, net-draped king-size bed, bedside tables and lamps, mninga writing desk with chair, a full-length wall mirror, and soft carpets.
  2. Star Domes: Two tents are designed as “star domes,” allowing guests to recline on large cushions and sleep beneath the open sky, offering a unique stargazing experience.
  3. Family Suite: Ehlane Plains Camp offers two interconnected suites for families, accommodating up to five members. The family suite includes a private lounge area for relaxation and games.
  4. Solar and Generator Power: The camp operates on a combination of solar and generator power, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable stay.
  5. Battery-Charging Facilities: Guests have access to battery-charging facilities to keep their devices powered throughout their stay.
  6. WiFi Connectivity: A satellite WiFi connection is available at the camp, allowing guests to stay connected with the outside world.
  7. Dining and Lounge Area: The central dining and lounge area serves as a gathering place for meals and storytelling around the campfire.
  8. Fresh Water Collection: Fresh water is collected from wells within the national park, ensuring a sustainable water source for guests.
  9. Environmental Considerations: The camp prioritizes environmentally-friendly processes for water drainage and minimizes habitat impact.
  10. Spacious and Private Tents: Each tented suite is carefully spaced to provide privacy while ensuring guest safety.

These amenities ensure a comfortable and immersive experience, allowing guests to connect with nature and indulge in the magic of the Serengeti.


The possibilities are endless at Ehlane Plains Camp, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating wilderness of the Serengeti and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Plan your adventure now and let the dream of Africa become your reality. Ehlane Plains Camp offers a variety of activities to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Serengeti.

  1. Game Drives: Embark on morning and evening game drives led by experienced guides who will help you explore and observe the Serengeti’s diverse wildlife. These drives provide opportunities for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and discovering the hidden wonders of the landscape.
  2. Bush Breakfasts, Picnics & Dinners: Delight in unique dining experiences amidst the wilderness. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or indulge in a picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty. As the day draws to a close, savor a memorable dinner under the stars, creating cherished moments with your loved ones.
  3. Walking Safaris: Immerse yourself in the intriguing wilderness on foot with the guidance of the camp’s in-house armed walking guide. Experience the thrill of following animal tracks, catching the scents carried on the breeze, and listening to the soothing crunch of foliage underfoot. Walking safaris are best enjoyed during the tranquil hours of dawn and dusk when the animals are most active, and the wilderness reveals its captivating secrets.
  4. Balloon Safaris (additional cost): Take part in a romantic and evocative balloon safari, soaring silently above the plains of East Africa during the early morning hours. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of herds of wildlife in their natural habitat as you glide through the sky. Following the balloon safari, indulge in a champagne breakfast amidst the bush, creating a fitting end to an unforgettable flight in the wild.
  5. Family Safaris: Ehlane Plains Camp warmly welcomes families with children aged five and older. The camp offers an engaging and educational experience for children, with private safari vehicles available for families of four or more during the low season. Experienced bush guides will captivate both children and adults with their wealth of knowledge, sharing bush-wise facts, wildlife know-how, games, local customs, and incredible stories of life in the wilderness.

Getting there

Whether you choose to arrive by air or embark on a road adventure, Ehlane Plains Camp awaits you in the remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the Serengeti, where the dream of wild Africa comes alive.

Getting to Ehlane Plains Camp is possible through both air and road transportation options.

By Air: The closest airstrip to the camp is the Seronera airstrip, located approximately 1.5 hours away. Guests can arrange for a flight to Seronera airstrip from various airports in Tanzania or neighboring countries. Upon arrival at Seronera airstrip, a road transfer will be provided to transport guests to the camp, allowing them to enjoy the scenic journey through the “empty” landscape. The road transfer from Seronera airstrip to Ehlane Plains Camp provides a sense of anticipation as the horizon stretches before you, creating an immersive safari experience right from the start.

By Road: For guests who prefer to travel by road, can access Ehlane Plains Camp through well-maintained roads that lead to the camp’s location in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti. The exact directions and route may vary depending on your starting point, but the camp is typically reached by driving through the Serengeti National Park. It’s important to note that the journey by road may take longer compared to air travel, but it offers a unique opportunity to witness the changing landscapes and wildlife encounters along the way. Traveling by road allows guests to soak in the beauty of the acacia woodlands and the vast savannah as they approach their destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Ehlane Plains Camp located?

A: Ehlane Plains Camp is situated in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, a remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the savannah.

Q: What does “Ehlane” mean?

A: “Ehlane” is a Zulu word that translates to “wilderness,” which perfectly describes the extraordinary and newly accessible location of the camp.

Q: How do I reach Ehlane Plains Camp?

A: You can reach the camp by either air or road. The closest airstrip is Seronera airstrip, approximately 1.5 hours away, where a road transfer will be provided. If you prefer traveling by road, well-maintained roads lead to the camp, allowing you to enjoy the scenic journey through the Serengeti National Park.

Q: How many tented suites does the camp offer?

A: Ehlane Plains Camp offers eight tented suites, designed to merge with the ecosystem and provide clear vistas of the wilderness. Additionally, there are two-star domes for a unique stargazing experience and one family suite for larger groups.

Q: What amenities are available at the camp?

A: The camp provides amenities such as solar and generator power, battery-charging facilities, WiFi connectivity, and a dining and lounge area. The tented suites offer comfortable furnishings and private ensuite facilities. Environmental considerations are taken into account, including sustainable water collection and minimizing habitat impact.

Q: What activities are offered at Ehlane Plains Camp?

A: Guests can enjoy morning and evening game drives, bush breakfasts, picnics, and dinners in the wilderness. Walking safaris are available for a more immersive experience. Additionally, balloon safaris (at an additional cost) provide a breathtaking aerial view of the Serengeti. The camp welcomes families and offers special activities for children.

Q: What is the best time to visit Ehlane Plains Camp?

A: The camp operates throughout the year, with high season from December to February and June to October. The low season is from March to May and November. The Serengeti offers incredible wildlife viewing opportunities year-round, and specific migration viewing times are from October to May and June to September.

Q: Is the camp accessible for disabled guests?

A: Yes, Ehlane Plains Camp is suitable for disabled guests. It is recommended to contact the camp for more information and to ensure necessary arrangements can be made for a comfortable stay.

Q: What are the nearest airports to Ehlane Plains Camp?

A: The closest airstrip to the camp is the Seronera airstrip, which is approximately 1.5 hours away by road transfer.

These frequently asked questions provide essential information about the location, amenities, activities, and accessibility of Ehlane Plains Camp, helping guests make informed decisions and plan their unforgettable African safari experience.

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