An extremely beautiful island with magnificent beaches that shore white blissful sand and bright blue waters of the Indian ocean, Zanzibar is often referred to as a piece of heaven in Tanzania.

Zanzibar is undoubtedly a marvelous honeymoon spot with large 5 star hotels but what is the largest misconception about Zanzibar is that it can not be enjoyed without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

Zanzibar has a variety of places to see and things to do, and Tranquil Journeys brings to you the 7 most budget friendly holiday fun things to do!

1. Beaches

Sand, Sun and the Sea! The most delightful 3 words in one phrase! Doesn’t this just make your heart melt. Being in the midst of the Indian ocean, Zanzibar is blessed with gorgeous beaches and no, they are not all as expensive as you think. Here are a few options for extremely budget friendly beaches that will not disappoint you.
Kendwa : A village located next to Nungwi with crystal clear waters and perfect white beaches.
Nungwi : A beach less concentrated with tourist than the others, Nungwi is located on the north west of Zanzibar island. This is probably the best stop for swimming due to the good tides.
Matamwe : Prefer some alone time? Try the Matamwe beach! A quiet and peaceful shore with a selection of cafes and guest houses, and for those who are interested in culture and traditions, Matamwe will actually allow you to meet the local villagers who visit around often.

2. Prison Island

What once was used a place to detain slaves and than to isolate people with fatal diseases is now a nature reserve for marvelously giant tortoises. Being a 30 minute boat ride from the island it is a fun and cheap day trip from Zanzibar.

3. Slave Market

Located in stone town, this sad yet fascinating place gives away everything Zanzibar has to say about the history of slave trading.

4. Stone town tours.

Stone town is the Heart of Zanzibar and perhaps the only ancient town running to date. Take tours to historical sites and markets witnessing all the daily activities by the local Zanzibaris. Must I add, the shopping is phenomenal and the prices are pretty affordable.

5. The Old Fort

One of the most visited historical sites that was originally built in the 17th century to rescue the island from the Portuguese. Visit the remains of the fort and enjoy the events held most evenings at the amphitheater while shopping from the local merchandise.

6. Snorkeling and diving

From the numerous water activities Zanzibar can give you acess to, the most popular one is snorkeling and diving. Snorkel across the shores of Pemba island and enjoy the magnificent creatures living underneath.

7. Forodhani

After a long day at the beach and flipping through intense history, what you really need is a good hearty meal! Well, Zanzibar welcomes you to the most local taste of Tanzania at forodhani. Choose from over 100 different items, Varying from sea foods such as lobsters and prawns to beef, mutton and chicken, fried potatoes and minced meat chapattis – taste the African delicacies. You are promised to fall in love with the traditional food items here.

If there are any other places you would like us to know about, feel free to comment below!



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