A Serengeti balloon safari is a unique and breathtaking way to experience the vast plains and wildlife of the Serengeti National Park. Drifting silently over the plains in a hot air balloon as the sun rises, you can enjoy an incredible bird’s eye view of the landscape and witness the natural beauty of the Serengeti in a way that is simply impossible from the ground.

During a Serengeti balloon safari, you can expect to see a wide range of wildlife including elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, and many more. The experience is truly unforgettable, and many people consider it to be the highlight of their trip to Tanzania.

If you are considering a Serengeti balloon safari, here are some frequently asked questions to help you plan your adventure:

What is a Serengeti balloon safari?

A Serengeti balloon safari is a unique and exciting way to experience the vast plains and wildlife of the Serengeti National Park. During the safari, you will float silently over the park in a hot air balloon, watching the sunrise and enjoying panoramic views of the landscape and wildlife below.

How long does a Serengeti balloon safari last?

A typical Serengeti balloon safari lasts about 1 hour, depending on weather conditions and the location of the wildlife.

What time of day does the Serengeti balloon safari take place?

The Serengeti balloon safari typically takes place early in the morning, just before sunrise. This is the best time of day to see wildlife and enjoy the stunning sunrise views over the Serengeti.

Is the Serengeti balloon safari safe?

Yes, the Serengeti balloon safari is safe. The balloons are piloted by experienced and licensed pilots, and safety is always the top priority. However, as with any adventure activity, there are some risks involved, so it is important to follow all instructions from your pilot and crew.

What should I wear on a Serengeti balloon safari?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing, such as long pants, closed-toe shoes, and a light jacket or sweater. Sunglasses and a hat are also recommended to protect against the sun and wind.

How many people can fit in a Serengeti balloon safari?

The number of people that can fit in a Serengeti balloon safari varies depending on the size of the balloon, but typically ranges from 8 to 16 people.

How much does a Serengeti balloon safari cost?

The cost of a Serengeti balloon safari varies depending on the tour operator and the length of the safari, but generally ranges from $500 to $700 per person.

How do I book a Serengeti balloon safari?

You can book a Serengeti balloon safari through us, Tranquil Journeys by contacting us through email. It is recommended that you book in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak season.

A Serengeti balloon safari is an unforgettable and unique way to experience the beauty and wildlife of the Serengeti National Park. With breathtaking views and the opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat from a completely new perspective, it is no wonder that it is such a popular activity among visitors to Tanzania.

Start location and time: Various launch sites,  before Sunrise

Duration of excursion: Approximately 3 hours in total including flight time

End location: Various locations, depending on the flight course

Maximum size in a group: Usually 16

Meals included: A full bush breakfast, sparkling wine

Availability: Balloon flights are available each morning, of course depending on the day to day weather conditions. If the flight is canceled because of poor weather is not permitting then you will be re-booked on a later flight or your money refunded.

Height and age restrictions

The basket height is 1.2m (4ft). Children need to be at least 1.2m in height and can then fly at the pilot’s discretion, depending on their age and maturity.

Starting your Balloon Safari Flight

The Serengeti Balloon safaris are best experienced very early in the morning when the winds are calmer.

You will be picked up before dawn, depending on the location of your accommodation at around 0400 hours in the morning whereby you will be dropped at the  balloon launch site.

You will then be briefed on safety precautions by your balloon safari captain or any appropriate air balloon safari crew, meanwhile, a portable generator pumps the balloon’s huge envelope.

Your captain or crew will also brief you on what you are likely to see and experience. At around 0630 hours shortly before sunrise you will board your air balloon.

About the Air Balloon

The basket of the air balloon is just like a huge basket, sunken and really deep, with compartments and rails to hold on for safety and to lean on.

Air Balloon Safari Flight

When the required number of passengers is complete or sufficient, the air balloon safari pilot starts the flames of the burner which utilizes helium gas, the air balloon is released, and you begin to ascend.

Air balloon safari flights take approximately 50–70 minutes. During this balloon flight,  you glide above the Serengeti plains courtesy of the winds, while vehicles from the balloon safari ground crew track your every move.

What to see during your Air Balloon Safari

Depending on the conditions of the weather, you may fly high above the savannah forest, having a bird’s view of everything happening on the ground. Your experience may include, watching over birds nests and watching baboons waking in their tree-top branches, leopards taking a meal on horizontal branches or a spectacular view above the dew-covered grass as buffalo, antelopes, wildebeest, zebra and antelope run across the field.

Air balloon Safari Pilots

An air balloon is steered by a pilot. Skilled pilots can go with the meandering of streams e.g. the Mara River giving you an astonishing view just a distance above, sunbathing crocodiles, snorting hippos or prides of lions at the river bed taking water.

Air balloon safari pilots can fly low on the savannah plains to give you the chance to capture aerial wildlife photos and videos as you soar like an eagle through the beautiful landscape of Tanzania. You may have other balloons in your company suspended in the air with a beautiful, yet uniform pattern.

Ending/landing your Air balloon

During the landing of the Air balloon, different methods may be applied as you descend

  1. The basket may be dragged sideways by the air balloon itself after landing due to the winds
  2. If the winds are calm enough your air balloon pilot may execute the perfect finish, with the basket landing vertically on the ground as the balloon collapses neatly to one side without any dragging.

Air Balloon Safari Breakfast and Certificate

Did you know, when you finish your air balloon flight, you are given a certificate for a rewarding experience?  Well if that is not enough, a full bush breakfast awaits you after you land complete with sparkling wine to celebrate your successful journey on top of the wilderness landscape with amazing pictures in your possession.

After your air balloon safari, what next?

Depending on your itineraries and preferences, you may continue with other activities like game drives and wildlife spotting.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Serengeti Balloon Safari:

What is a Serengeti Balloon Safari?

A Serengeti Balloon Safari is a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti National Park. The ride takes place in the early morning hours, and passengers are treated to a breathtaking view of the sunrise over the savannah. During the ride, passengers can see a variety of wildlife, including lions, elephants, and zebras, from a unique vantage point.

How long does the Serengeti Balloon Safari last?

The Serengeti Balloon Safari lasts for approximately one hour. Passengers are picked up from their lodges or campsites in the early morning and driven to the launch site, where they are given a safety briefing before taking off.

Is the Serengeti Balloon Safari safe?

Yes, the Serengeti Balloon Safari is a safe activity. The balloons are operated by experienced pilots who are licensed and certified by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. Passengers are also given a safety